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#324499 by Nathan_lol
Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:21 am
Someone was talking about Louie vs. Family Guy at some point, I didn't hit the quote button but I already typed all of these words:

Family Guy is where comedy goes to die. Seth "Shit The Bed No Talent Ass Clown" MacFarlane will literally paste a 5 minute video of Conway Twitty into his show simply to avoid the cost of 5 minutes of animation. That dogshit show continues to recycle useless information and repeat it back to the lowest common denominator. It's simply a soapbox for Seth to do his stupid voices and say whatever useless information he feels the need to beam into our homes every Sunday.

Louie, however, is where comedy is born. That fat, lonely man can film someone dying from a head injury and make it funny. Of course it's also an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, but these moments of profound sadness have an interesting rhythm to them. I've always had an incredible amount of respect for Louis CK, he exhibits complete creative and financial control of his show and only makes it better every year. It really is a modern Seinfeld, only it hopefully will never end.

Of course both shows are on television and make money, which is more than I can say for my television show that does not currently exist
#324736 by EphelDuath666
Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:17 pm
watched every single episode of Batman: The Animated series plus the all the episodes of The New Batman Adventures (finally bought all seasons on DVD). Ahhhh...nostalgia, such a nice thing. That show is still great. It's just a worn out phrase...but they really don't make animated shows like this anymore.
#324738 by Bookwyrm83
Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:37 am
Missed the new Fargo premiere tonight, damn it! Fortunately they have an encore on Monday.

And predictably the new American Horror Story has me addicted. I missed Jessica Lange in the first episode, but the second one has started to convince me that the rest of the season won't suffer without her.
#324743 by Faffy
Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:38 am
I've been on an X-files roll since Aprl-May-ish.
The first season made my realise how they have pretty much established what is now considered clichés.
The second season has a whole lot that would please today's conspiracy theorists and the "they're spending taxpayers' money on this!" nutcases. :P
The third season might just be the best yet. Not sure. I've only watched a few episodes so far.
#324747 by Keeker
Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:27 pm
Just watched the first episode of the new 8 part series based on Bernard Cornwell's "The Last Kingdom." A bit of Matthew MacFadyen, a bit of Rutger Hauer - splendid stuff, certainly kept my attention the whole way through. Pleased. :)
#324929 by EphelDuath666
Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:22 am
bought the entire X-files series on Blu-ray and have been watching A LOT of that lately. Ahhh...the memories! very much looking forward to the miniseries!
#325110 by Bookwyrm83
Sun May 01, 2016 12:58 am
So glad Vikings has an extended season to come out later this year.
Although the first half of the season did get a little beyond elastic with its portrayal, I'm looking forward to seeing the consequences of the last episode.
#325111 by Keeker
Sun May 01, 2016 11:24 am
Well, it's Game of Thrones season again... and Penny Dreadful will be back next week. That'll do me for a wee while!
#325117 by Bookwyrm83
Thu May 05, 2016 10:47 am
I too am enjoying new Game of Thrones.

Spoiler: show
Except the show's treatment of Dorne. Perfect settings so far but the characters have gone off target since season 5, and I really wanted more of Doran Martell. But hey, Jon's back - yay!
#325118 by Keeker
Thu May 05, 2016 1:43 pm
Bookwyrm83 wrote:I too am enjoying new Game of Thrones.

Spoiler: show
Except the show's treatment of Dorne. Perfect settings so far but the characters have gone off target since season 5, and I really wanted more of Doran Martell. But hey, Jon's back - yay!

They admitted the storyline would be different from the books from now on though, so it's just a case of having to sit back and enjoy it for what it is. Not that I've actually read the books so it doesn't matter to me! :D
#325120 by Bookwyrm83
Thu May 05, 2016 8:21 pm
I don't mind the deviation from the books, there's plenty of that I've enjoyed. But those particular set of characters are so much richer and important in the books than the show makes them out to be (from the aforementioned season onwards). Oh well, we'll see what happens.
#325885 by Bookwyrm83
Wed May 31, 2017 11:22 am
Thread revival!

And my current TV obsession is Fargo season 3.
Goddamn, this show is consistent. The first two seasons were excellent and this one is looking just as great (if not better still).
#325886 by Victimlas
Wed May 31, 2017 12:49 pm
House of Cards Season 5 was just released yesterday! Watched episode 1 last night, and man, I missed this show.

Better Call Saul is awesome right now too. Really getting into the pre- Breaking Bad stuff and they've done the storyline so well
#325887 by EphelDuath666
Wed May 31, 2017 5:57 pm
well, I just recently got myself a Netflix subscription and watched a bunch of stuff. Rick & Morty, Stranger Things, Freaks and Geeks and now I started watching Sense8. And seems like there's plenty more to watch after that, hehe. I'll have to give House of Cards a chance since I'm a politics junkie.

And I agree that Better Call Saul is great. :D Also looking forward to Preacher's return. And in October Stranger Thing's 2nd season and Ash vs. Evil Dead's 3rd season...yay!

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