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#261344 by Medisinyl
Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:00 am
Initiated by a forum-member request in another thread, I made an MS-Paint/GIMP reincarnation of Devin's worm photo and that seems to have led to others (thus, hi-jacking another thread). Feel free to use this thread to make your own Devin photoshop nonsense. Any photo could be used, but the photo of the day seems to be the worm at the moment :P Here are the two I've done thus far:


#261365 by Lettuce
Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:11 am
Medisinyl wrote:

AHAHAAHAHAHAH! That should be Dev's Twitter default pic!

I'll cook some saucy things up when I get home B) Back in the day I would get into a LOT of trouble with my epic promo photo editing skillzzzzz....

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