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#324346 by Nathan_lol
Fri May 22, 2015 11:43 pm

I feel the need to justify this one. You see, I was stuck in a minimum security psych ward (i checked myself in, those fuckers) and i was allowed one hour of "music therapy" a day. The very thought that I was required to go to music therapy filled me with such rage. Fuck you. I know music is therapy. Let me out of here. Thing is, they didn't have to let me out until monday. Thanks to state law.

Anyways, during my one hour of music free time I was given a guitar. I would go sit in the corner, facing away from everyone else, and play songs that I wanted to hear. The reason for this being that I wasn't allowed a personal music device. I had to put in a request for one, and even then those fuckers wouldnt let me pick the songs...anyways the only songs I wanted to listen to were Sky Blue and Red Sector A.

Anyways, its a good song for warming up

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