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#325913 by JisterMay
Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:14 am
...I'm a metalhead so I don't know what all the genres in electronic music is called nor
do I know what I just made would fall under. I DO hope you'd give it a listen though!

I got real tired of trying to start bands with people either not showing up for practice or just
screwing around when they did show so I decided to just make some noises myself. I've been
learning FL Studio now since February and just finished up some sort of an EP. It's probably
not the best bunch of songs in the world, but as a start I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.
First time mixing and mastering (Boy, that's a pain in the backside, huh?).

Artist name is Datsmerf and the EP as I mentioned is called "Everything is Great!", it's about 20
minutes so it's not going to steal a lot of your time. Please and thank you?

*EDIT: I know it's pretty frowned upon to use my second post on here as a selfish self-promotion, but I'm not
here because of that, I promise.

*EDITEDIT: And I just now saw the post about the rules on this section... I'm such a doof, I'm sorry.. I'm just
a bit too excited as I finished the EP just about two days ago.. Again, I'm sorry.

Soundcloud link:
https://soundcloud.com/datsmerf/sets/ev ... s-great-ep

Bandcamp link:

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