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#316838 by Quantumleaper
Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:25 pm

So, one day I wanted to do something for real with FL Studio after all the stupid stuff I've been doing with the program before that. After some struggling, I finally found my way and managed to create a full, decent song for this and, in March 20th 2012, NO2C6H4NH2 was finally kickstarted.

This project of mine consists of any kinds of electronica and metal I could think of jumbled together to create a somewhat unique sound for each song, even when with obvious influences; also, keep in mind that all instruments, even the guitars, are virtual, so it's bound to have some kind of artificiality and whatsoever, and also remember, it's self-produced by an amateur so no true extraordinary hardcore mixing skills here. The reason I just now am posting about this is that I finally completed my album (consisting of songs made over the past year plus two extras).
Devin influence here is not really obvious, but it appears in a few situations throughout the album.

I uploaded the album on MEGA here, but you can listen almost all songs on Youtube with annotations, and I made a playlist just for that, although the youtube versions are slightly dated. I planned to make the album available at Bandcamp, but for some reason they won't stop bothering me about wanting me to charge for my stuff when I clearly don't want to be paid... So a "lossless" release might be postponed.
There's a extra booklet with curiosities too, and I took a bit longer to release this version cause I wanted to translate it just for you :wink:

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#324070 by Quantumleaper
Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:04 pm
So, a long time without posting my stuff here, It's time to post another song. It's the most recent one, but there are a few others you may want to take a look at. Once again, here's the playlist with my entire output.

Hope you like it! If you enjoy it, consider taking a look at the Facebook page, although I don't post too much there (mostly just to release the songs).

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