Los Bad Guy Os friendly metal talk
#120493 by Pisshead
Mon May 01, 2006 4:27 pm
What about an Evenlight UK tour? I'm sure a band would take you on. You should go on without Dev for the moment and party down in Europe!! :D

#120542 by beavis christ
Tue May 02, 2006 10:43 am
Well as much as we would love to do that, our drummer and bassist play in a band called Bif Naked which is touring quite abit these days so unfortunately that isnt possible at the moment. We have also replaced our singer, so we are actually kind of in the very early writing stages for the next record. I have written about 6 songs for it already , but some could get cut?

#120548 by mo
Tue May 02, 2006 1:04 pm
sweeet new album, we're waiting dude

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