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#326137 by detoxdetox
Sun Oct 07, 2018 4:55 am
Hey, French Devin's fans - HELP me with French outro in song "CANADA" (from 33 min. 35 sec. and at the beginning of "Down and under", the next track). It sounds like quote from some Canadian radio. The female voice and it's in French. All I found is:
" ?????? …Au cours d'un débat à l'assemblée nationale, le premier ministre s'est dit "désolé" que des jeunes s'opposent ainsi à l'ouverture des frontiers.
Le premier ministre du Québec Bernard Landry affirme que les jeunes… ???????]

[…During a debate in the National Assembly, the Prime Minister said “sorry” that young people are opposed to the opening of borders.
Quebec Premier Bernard Landry says that the youth…]

Please, find more words at the begging of the speach, or maybe it's a real quote from some Canadian News reporter???

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