All that I've known is gone, time to be moving on...
#323336 by miyavi
Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:21 pm
If you thought this was going to be a negative post, you were wrong.. My ex and I parted ways due to things beyond our control and have no animosity. I THANK him for introducing me to the amazing phenomenon that is Heavy Devy! His project "Ocean Machine" will ALWAYS be my favorite, even above his SYL years.

So, I say this....

I can't contain my mind... Well, I could but I chose not to... Dev is amazing.. Just listen to the passion, not only in his words, but in the composition of his music, lyrical and instrumental.... It makes you want to tear your chest open and expose your heart, it makes you want to love stronger, make love stronger, harder... makes you want to exist in a way that shadows all existence!.... Some music is just sounds and lyrics... but, Devin.. he's the modern example of Bach, Mozart, Voltaire... Strahovski...Even Jesus (if you believe in him) walks in Devin's shadow... Walking on water.. ptttth.... Making people feel, deep down in their being, until their hearts almost exit their bodies.. now that's something! The layers in the instrumental music.. the meaning in the verbal music.... OMG.. I am so GRATEFUL for all that is Devin Townsend... He truly is a phenomena... Devoid of the fame he deserves.... I actually fear the mind that does not comprehend his lyrics and sound.... He truly is amazing, he's euphoria to the senses, he actually causes my lungs to tighten, if sound was the ultimate HIGH.. it would be Devin Townsend... I cry when I listen to Heavy Devy, seriously I do.. for he touches me that deep, not just with his words, but the composition of his music.. the layers of sounds, the notes.. the beat... If there was a god, and god spoke.. it would sound like Heavy Devy...NO DOUBT. Devin, you bald bastard, I bloody love ya, never stop creating! Hail Canada! <3 And your god-like lungs and voice... Holy hell! :)
#323339 by Blazingmonga
Mon Nov 17, 2014 7:28 pm
I think we have all felt at least some of those things at some point or other with Mr Townsend :)

Your post reminded me very much of when I first heard his music too. Vivid memories.

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