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#325686 by Clement
Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:54 am
Hello everyone ! People of the often cited "internetland".

I'm writing this post to talk (obviously) , about Ocean Machine my personnal favorite of all the albums that devin has recorded yet.
But , as you will understand if you ever read what I'm about to give you access to , the term of "favorite" might be misused here. Very few are the musical pieces that have hit me as hard as Ocean Machine has when I discovered it. Through a long process of identification and memorisation , it has made a lot of aspects of my life much clearer , and propelled me towards a shift in my vision of the life I had at the time and the memories I keep of it.
But also , musically , It evoqued via its very effective and brilliant composition very intense emotions and pictures in my mind.

Because of that , listening back to it is quite an experience now , made of difficult memories , intense emotions and regrets.
And ,(finally ,we're coming to the real purpose of this whole explanation) I write this post because , after listening back to it once , I decided to write about this experience, track by track. To write about the emotions , the music , the memories and the process that has made it the ultimate muscial encounter of my life (yet).

So here is the Link : ... le/1394307

It was written on a french website (because I'm french) IN ENGLISH (so, don't worry)

Feel free to let me know what you think about it. (I wouldn't post this here if I didn't care to be honest)

; )

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