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#325925 by detoxdetox
Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:32 am
Hello everybody! It’s me Detox! And as you all already know my hobby is prepare all Devin’s song lyrics.

So, one of the best Devin’s song ever is “Seventh wave”. And as you all knows it starts from
the quote of “In memoriam of Arthur Henry Hallam” by Alfred Tennyson:
[O Earth,
What changes hast thou seen?
There where the long street roars, etc…]

BUT you can hear the same full quote right at the end of the “Seventh wave” from 6 min. 20 sec. to 6 min. 40 sec. Yes, it’s like a background, a voice with effect, but you can check it:

Another puzzle from Devin is done! And I’m happy!!!

P.S. To completely finish OCEAN MACHINE album lyrics we need to find the following:

1. "Greetings".
The spoken background words from 1 min. 40 sec. to 1 min. 47 sec. It's right between these lyrics:
"And bore them.
……[Background QUOTE}…
So call it home, home"

I can here something about "aliens" or something...

2. “Hide Nowhere”
The background lyrics from 3-15 to 3-50. Maybe it's like:
"(heaven down, it comes an end, who cares about dream , yeah, so)
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah… (here comes an end, the heaven’s down)"

3. “Voices in the fan”
The background words of female OUTRO after 4 min. 57 sec.? Maybe it goes like:
"Ladies and gentlemen, you are talking to me if you ....”

P.P.S. Please, if you will figure out someting - let me know!!! Thanks you all!

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