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#315218 by Garrie
Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:22 pm
sc00t wrote:Anyone every read any indication of the budget allocated for any of dev's records ?

As you can imagine, the budgets vary a lot album to album.

Ziltoid, for example, had a very low budget of probably just a few thousand dollars at a maximum, because Dev did EVERYTHING. The drums are programmed with Drummer From Hell, everything was recorded by Dev in his home studio, etc, etc. The whole purpose of that records was Dev proving to himself that he could do a relatively high-quality production completely by himself with just a few hundred dollars worth of equipment in his home studio.

Deconstruction, on the other hand, was very expensive owing to the number of personnel, 2 drummers, engineers, mixers, artwork, the hiring of an orchestra and a choir, the general studio production, etc. According to Dev on the Contain Us Box Set album commentaries, Deconstruction had a budget of $22,000US from the label and he actually ended up spending close to $60,000US, making up the rest out of his own pocket via loans :P.

Probably all the rest of the albums are somewhere in between... but that's just a guess.

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