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#325487 by birchandro
Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:48 am
I had no idea who to contact or how to do this properly so I decided to make a post here...sorry.

Dear Dev,
First I wanted to apologize to you for any disturbance im making as your schedule is intense and touring which is crazy im sure.

I recently read about The Moth project and wanted to share with you the idea of making a fulldome 360 movie or content. By the way my name is Will, born in Los Angeles but now im kinda some international dude, teaching yoga, volunteering to help fulldome, making films or yoga festivals but mainly communicating with others. You are a longtime inspiration as an artist and person for me since I was 13 and im 31 now.

I'd love to talk with you in person about so many topics but I wait patiently for that day to come.
Now I just want to introduce you to Fulldome Labs whos work you can see below. Recently theyve been collaborating with a talented digital artist named Android (Andrew) Jones. Andrews art was animated into a show named Samskara which already has been shown many places around the world. So thats the main thing. I can give you many links and connect you with the main visionary of Fulldome Labs. Their main studios are located in Chiang Mai Thailand but recently have a new office in Los Angeles CA. I am here at your service and as a friend for any more information regarding this and much more at your request. Presently im in South India studying the ancient spiritual culture and art here.
My gratitude to your creative and personal transparency as well as your down to earth spiritual character.

I hope our paths cross soon.

Fulldome Lab.

My contacts.
skype: birachandro
india#: +91 76 79 907093

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