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#325604 by Archangel
Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:47 am
As an avid fan since '97 I have always loved to read the lyrics to Devin's songs, yet now as I'm getting older my eyesight is getting progressively worse (nothing wrong with my hearing thankfully!) and I'm struggling to read the lyrics in the CD's booklets!

I know there are many sites where I can read lyrics online, but does anyone know of a lyric book that has all of Dev's songs in? I vaguely remember one coming out some time ago as part of a box set, but considering how much music he put's out it was probably out of date within weeks!

Any idea's? Cheers.

#325609 by swervedriver
Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:17 pm
Hey Rich, I'm not sure about any complete lyric books ever having been released. I think there was some mention of a lyric sheet a while ago accompanying... something... Ghost 2 perhaps? Or maybe Casualties? My memory is apparently also failing. :lol: I could check my Contain Us boxset, but I don't think there was a lyric book with it.. not in the version I got anyway.

I will add that I was also struggling to read the lyrics in the Transcendence booklet:
#325611 by Archangel
Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:38 pm
Cheers guys! The Dark Lyrics website is superb, and I will be using it regularly though it would be great to have a printed hard copy book. I wonder if it's worth suggesting to him....... :-)
#325612 by swervedriver
Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:35 pm
Yeah, detoxdetox (one of the members here) is putting a lot of effort to get everything on there as correct as possible, particularly for things heard in the background of different songs as well. If your hearing is still ok, you might even help him out with some hard-to-hear lyrics. He posts them occasionally in the Discography part of the forum. :)

A lyric book sounds like something for after he retires, since it'll be out of date the moment it's printed. :lol:
#325617 by detoxdetox
Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:41 am
HELLO! Detoxdetox (Ivan Petrow, from Slovenia) is here. Yes, I'm the sender of the most albums lyrics to But they update it not so fast or even correct (that is true!!!). Maybe, at this moment I have the most correctable and full lyrics (everything like all the verses, choruses, intros, outros, quotes, background vocals, whispering, words in reverse or in slow motion etc. etc.) even that Mr. Townsed has. So,
you can download the "Ocean Machine", "Infinity", "Physicist", "Terria", "Accelerated evolution", "Synchestra", "Ziltoid", "Addicted", "Epicloud" .albums here (

And if you want to help me with something, then this is what I don't have (we all don't have):
Devin Townsend – Irish maiden (background in the middle), Planet rain (outro)
Depth charge (intro, middle - dialogue of movie “Contact”, 1997), Storm
(middle), Traveller (intro), Away (intro)
Pixillate (whispering), Bend it like bender (background from 2 min.), Travelling salesman (full)
Hide nowhere (verse), Greetings (spoken quote), Voices in the fan (outro)
S.Y.L. – Oh my god (outro), Centipede (radio in the middle), Decimator (intro), Fucker (intro)

So, if you all (or somebody soon) will find something out, then let me know! Kind regards!

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