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#313988 by quakegod667
Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:55 pm
So I picked up an original issue of City at a Goodwill yesterday, and while looking through the booklet (or at least attempting to, on account of that way-too-small lyric text), I noticed that the last page has a section about an SYL mail-order fan club.

Hey there, metal brethren!!! Here we go again... S.Y.L. II!!! SHIT YES!!! ...I bet the fourteen of you who bought the last record are stoked! Remember how we were offering a catalogue, free shit and a fan club? ...well we ran out of free shit and catalogues, but we still have that damn fan club...yep... THE BIG DUMPIN' DADDIES!!! ...and if you ain't one, you ain't poo. What else have you got going for you anyway? wouldn't you love to be able to tell your friends that you're into some dippy, obscure band that they more than likely will never've heard? THAT'S COOL AS SHIT! ...your own "personal" favorite band! Yowza! (we can almost gaurantee* they won't have heard of us...) Think of it as our own ELITE CLIQUE!!!

...So git some meaning into that turgid existence and send $12.00 (or 12 IRC's) and we'll send you a year of FUN GOINGS ONS IN HAPPY STRAPPING LAND! (It's like Disney land, except there's way more nudity...) INTERESTED? Here's what we promise: 1/ Quality paper, in glorious white 2/ Your full dollar's worth, EVERY MONTH 3/No pictures of Jed without a mustache 4/ no giveaways of Gene's ginch 5/ No pictures of Byron at all... BEAT THAT!
Here's the address: SYL P.O. box 44116 Burnaby B.C. CANADA V5B 4Y2
Here's our tricky "space-guy" address:
Presents gleefully accepted...

* = misspelled in the booklet

I can't find any info at all on the fanclub on the internet. If anyone here remembers/was a member of it, what type of stuff did they send, and were there any noteworthy curios? I'm a sucker for 90s metal fan-clubs like this, haha.
#318414 by KeasbyNights
Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:13 am
This is old, old, old, and I have no information on this fan club. But The Big Dumpin' Daddies is one of the best fan club names I've ever heard. Priceless!
#323396 by Kleo
Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:31 pm
It was basically the HDR mailing list. We got a newsletter, photocopies of articles, and a Christmas card. There were also some nifty prize drawings. I have around a signed City poster, an Aussie Ocean Machine promo poster, and probably a dozen signed Dev CDs.

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