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#325732 by Benno Exodite
Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:37 pm
Hi Forum,

My name is Benno Nieuwstraten and I'm a student at the Willem de Kooning academy of arts in the Netherlands.

I decided to make a music video of one of your songs as my graduation project for my study in animation.

As part of the assignment we are required to have an "external partner" which basically means that we need feedback from someone outside of the academy. I would love to share this project with Devin himself, but if that is not possible maybe with someone you knows him well.

I have a blog about the project. It's in Dutch, but I hope the visual information is enough to make you interested.

I have put a lot of thought in this project and would love to hear Devin's opinion on it.



Benno Nieuwstraten

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