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#305811 by LicoriceLain
Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:08 pm
Personal summary of tracks:

Addicted!-intense and worthy opener, although the ending does stretch a bit 4.5/5
Universe in a Ball!-great till the last minute or so (should have been a 3 minute track) 4/5
Bend it like Bender!-good as it is. 4.5/5
Supercrush!-beautiful, but I wish he wouldn't play it so much. 5/5
Hyperdrive!-inferior to the original, but still a gorgeous track 5/5
Resolve!-probably my second fave on the album. I think this one is unjustly passed over 5/5
Ih-Ah!-pretty and changes up the pace 4.5/5
The Way Home!-great track, but a tad short 4.5/5
Numbered!-I kinda feel like this is the weakest track. It has soaring moment, but I find it the least gratifying. 4.5/5
Awake!-best off the album and the humor of the track is fun 5/5

As a whole, it is a 4.7 for me, which makes it the weakest of the DTP albums for me (till Epicloud), but I mean...that is still an A album...

As for the whole Watershed debate, here is my two cents:

My Arms-overrated, but is a pretty and engaging record 3/5
Still Life-don't even get me started on this overrated POS 3.5/5
Blackwater Park-Starts out strong with the first four tracks, but the triumvirate of "Dirge for November"-"Patterns in the Ivy" derails it for me. 3.8/5
Damnation-Will someone please explain to me the appeal this album apparently has? I know Heritage gets a lot of flak, but this album is easily the worst with Deliverance being a close second 2.8/5 and 3/5
Ghost Reveries-don't give a damn how hard old school fans whine and moan, this is the only album that has true replay value for me. 4.5/5
Watershed-Why is "Burden" on this album? Other than that, "Hessian Peel" and "Hex Omega" stand with "Ghost of Perdition" as far as my favorite Opeth songs go 4/5

(If you wonder why my scores don't seem to match my comments, I never give anything less than 2.5 because every album I listen automatically gets that grace score, because I don't believe any album in existence deserves less than 2.5. Pitchfork's review of The Fragile showed me that reviews that go below middle ground are utterly useless-even more so than those that relentlessly praise an album that doesn't deserve it.

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