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#323257 by Survivingformetal
Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:10 pm
So I'm throwin this out there in the hopes that either Devin or some one on his team will read it. I'm going with my uncle and one of my favorite cousins on the 70k Tons cruise that leaves out of Florida on Jan 22. It's a 4 day cruise and goes to Jamaica and back. One of my other favorite bands, Therion, is going to be there and I looked on the web page for 70k Tons and they still are looking to sign another 29 bands to make 60 in total for the cruise. I've only gotten to see Devin once and that was at Oz-fest in Pheonix and he was performing with Strapping. Look, Mr. Townsend, I like Strapping Young Lad, but I'm much more of a fan of your solo work and I think it'd be badass if you got on that boat. I guarantee you'd be able to pick out your 3 biggest fans there between me, my uncle, and my cousin which is impressive because he's a type-1 diabetic.

I don't know what logistics would be involved if you decided you wanted to take a heavy-metal cruise, but I can at least link the website for the cruise itself:

I hate to be cliche` but as a long time fan whose been listening to your music since 2002, I'm throwing my wish out there to the universe to get the opportunity to see you perform songs from Epicloud and beyond. Your tour schedule is a hard one for me to follow and/or catch so I haven't managed to get to one of your performances since 2006. It looked like you've got a bit of a break in your schedule between December and March. Maybe a heavy-metal cruise could be just as enjoyable for you as I know it would be for your die hard fans that are gonna be on that boat. And if not, keep rockin because your music does make a positive impact on peoples lives- this disabled veteran's included.


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