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#323247 by Victimlas
Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:51 pm
Here's the email Devin is personally sending out to everyone that is waiting on Pledge items. There were some technical difficulties with the email account, so some of you may already have it while some of you will get the email in the next couple of days:

Hi! This is Devin…I decided to write you guys personally, this is on my own volition, not by request of anyone...its just been so long you've been waiting and so yeah...hi! =)

Gah! There was HUNDREDS of emails to track down to send this mail… I don't blame any of you for being upset about the delay and lack of information, and let me start by saying THANK YOU for your support during this trying time. The internet and consumerism and all the crap that we all deal with is pretty grim, but sometimes, things like being able to address you all directly with one mail, its really a godsend. Thank you again.

So how should I start here?

First off… holy cow, am I ever truly, truly sorry / embarrassed / humiliated that it has taken so long to get you your box sets. Wow. We've all been pushed beyond our capacities here, between the band, the management, the label, and everyone involved here… it may appear that we're a bigger entity than we are, but the reality is its under 10 people doing 15 hour days. There have been more than a couple of breakdowns amidst the Pledge drive, lots of production delays things beyond our control, and a ton of stress involved. None of us anticipated the response, and the combination of that and manufacturing problems is what resulted in this delay to you. To not be complete months and months after it was promised, combined with the workload lately has resulted in some pretty grim moments in our camp here. Thanks again, and I, on behalf of us all here, truly apologize. I know theres some of you on this thread who asked for a refund, and I certainly understand why. Again, I apologize on behalf of my whole organization.

So secondly, whats in the box? There's the question…

Please keep in mind, I don't PERSONALLY send the stuff out, Pledge and management do that currently as I'm slammed with the music end of things, I'm writing on the behalf of us all. Any specific questions should be addressed to Pledge or Jasper on the Facebook page. Please keep in mind, we're still confirming all of this, this week.

The box, as it stands, now will include:

- The 2CD digipak

- The bone USB stick

- A pair of bamboo sunglasses branded with the CoC logo on its legs (Exclusive to this box)

- The lyrics book/magazine

- we might have room for a rolled up letter as well. I'd write the text and can have it printed on the CoC watermarked paper we used at the Chapel for the signed set lists. I'll sign them all. A certificate of sorts stating the exclusivity, Signed and hand numbered.

- The box will be handcrafted from Maple with a hinged lid. CoC branded onto the lid. We are waiting to hear back if they can also brand a unique number in each one, maybe on the inside of the lid.

- Each item will lie in its own little compartment with wood wool to keep them safe.

I am also trying to do some other personal stuff for you guys above and beyond that. Its been so long and you've been so patient.

Shelter Dogs:
An update on this...a percentage is to go to three animal shelters as was originally announced, yet to be clear, until we have delivered these boxes, we are not able to access the Pledge money (for the most part) therefore, the animal shelter funds have not been delivered, but they are aware of this delay as well and have as well been very patient. When they have been paid, I'll show you guys the certificate. You've done good stuff for these animals, and thank you for that.

In closing, thank you for the support, the patience and the understanding. I appreciate that the lack of information and the time its taken has been very frustrating, but please know amidst it all here, we are on it... it has been weighing on all of us heavily here, and between that and the mammoth workload lately, its just gotten more and more frustrating for everyone, specifically you guys.

The music industry and the consumeristic nature of most things lately really gets depressing, as a musician, I'm forced into situations I'd never imagine being in in terms of compromise. You guys keep me on the straight and narrow. Thank you again.



I'll be in touch soon with another update...I leave on tour in a few days and I'm pretty snowed under right now... info soon, I'll make sure this is worth your wait.
#323260 by KeasbyNights
Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:39 pm
Devin's a stand up guy. And so are all the people who work those 15 hour days without praise from us most times. I didn't even order the box set, but still think it's appropriate to say this to all of you who work your asses off to do so much:

#323274 by P1
Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:01 am
IMO I think by posting this immediately to a forum it kind of devalues the purpose of Devin personally writing the email to send to those who are yet to receive their pledge items, especially for those who are yet to receive an email.

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