#326345 by Sarpale
Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:43 am
I too, haven't yet listened to Empath in it's full glory!
I have only listened the three video songs, and that's all for now. I want to me in the right mindset when I listen to it, and not have someone interrupting me while that.
Did open the Digipak to admire it, and yes it was a bit tricky to get the inside thingy out, but the covers are so wonderful and really good looking.
It doesn't even matter how much I eventually enjoy the music, I know I enjoy the aesthetics of the release already very much :D
The Petrol Green vinyl I bought from the live show is still of course unopened, but would love to see how the covers look in vinyl size! :)
#326361 by Liampie
Sat May 04, 2019 4:17 am
One month since my last post here, and I'm still playing the album on almost a daily basis. Looks like this album is surviving the honeymoon phase. :) So so glad we got a true Devy album again. I've heard some good things on the bonus disc but I haven't had to opportunity to dive deeper into that one yet. Also because the main disc is still keeping me entertained.

I'd like to mention that I think the choruses on this album are really good.
- Genenis: "Let there be light! Let there be moon! Let there be stars, and let there be you!". So strong. Do we still do taglines for the album subforums? This quote would be suitable.
- Evermore: not a 'hook' type of radio friendly chorus, but the melody is so pleasant and fluid, if that makes sense. And all the stuff going on in the background makes it really interesting.
- Hear Me: the vocals style reminds me of 90's Devin, love that we get to hear it again in 2019. Orchestra also adds a nice flavour to the mix. It's very catchy, and rewarding in the song too. A very welcome explosion of melody in a pretty brutal song, but while still preserving tension. Beautiful
- The highlight of the song is the riff, obviously. But the chorus does its job well. Again, a melody that can get stuck in your head, along with the riff.
- Here Comes the Sun: can you call this a chorus? It sounds like one. I think it's such a powerful way to end the album.

I left out Sprite. Nothing against that song but I don't think it's an argument for my case. I also left out Spirits Will Collide, and I'm sad to say I simply don't like that song very much. That's okay though
#326416 by Tyroshai
Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:29 am
ViralSpiralDance wrote:My wife had a baby boy last week and I've been reviewing Empath to choose a couple songs to play for him. I played Borderlands for him a few days ago :)

That's beautiful. Congratulations! :)
#326427 by Bookwyrm83
Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:42 pm
Why? was wonderful to watch live, especially with the crowd interaction during the death metal vocal part.

This song, Hear Me, Genesis, Spirits Will Collide and There be Monsters are my favorites.

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