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#326536 by Bookwyrm83
Tue Jun 27, 2023 7:32 pm
The following post is rated R18+ and contains sexy content. So feel free to imagine it being spoken by Gilbert Gottfried.

I was recently in Hobart, Tasmania and saw A Divine Comedy, a Dante-inspired stadium show performed by a troupe of nude Austrian women. It was fantastic and confronting in a way adult art should be. It started with random audience members being hypnotized, although one of them it turns out was a performer. "Convinced" she was Dante, she disrobed and introduced the show, with others doing a dance while she ran into a portable toilet that was moving about the stage. An elderly woman of 82 was also carted around the stage in a wheelchair throughout, telling her life story in conjunction with the actions on display.

We saw naked ladies do hurdles, dancing, stair stunts, acrobatics, dirtbike and suspended car stunts, even a suspended piano, as well as woodwork with axes and chainsaws. In fact, I think they were carving vulva shapes into their logs.

There was also taxidermy on mice performed in graphic detail throughout by a woman on the side of the stage whose work was occasionally amplified on two very big monitors on either side of the show (which also showed close ups of other things about to be discussed), but gross as this may be, that wasn't the messed up part.

That came when a woman had a large amount of her blood drawn to be squirted onto a large canvas. She and five others then took sizable shits onto art pallets, before everyone was covered in paint, smearing the stage and canvas with paint and blood. A large woman was then carried out on a platform and masturbated with a microphone, squirting cum everywhere, before the old lady was held down on a bed and fucked with strap-on by a younger woman. At this point, I must assure you this is not an Aristrocrats joke.

Finally, after more stunts by ladies covered in paint, blood and cum, Dante was chased around by giant skeletons, cutting herself with a chainsaw in a stunt gone wrong (don't worry, it was fake) before falling face-first into shit (very real), and then woken from her hypnosis. The entire troupe then took a bow.

And that's only a brief summary of the 2 hours of madness I witnessed in this show. Worth every goddamn cent!
#326539 by Eyesore
Sun Dec 03, 2023 10:01 am
I come back after four years...and this is the most recent post? :lol:

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