The early years discussion: IR8, Wildhearts, Steve Vai, Noisescapes, etc
#195212 by mushroom
Sat Apr 25, 2009 9:49 am
Someody got the lyrics of Soft? i couldn't find it anywhere
#242325 by Helge-Uwe
Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:19 am
what is "Soft" ?
where can I find it?
#242413 by Leechmaster
Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:26 am
Helge-Uwe wrote:what is "Soft" ?
where can I find it?

It's on Ass-Sordid Demos II... <- Fourth line down. Get Ass-Sordid Demos while you're at it as well. There are some great tunes on both discs.
#247644 by olol
Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:47 pm
All I know is the first stanza is on Ki (the song).

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