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#319101 by Blood Music
Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:46 am
Hey folks! Black Friday sale tomorrow!

We totally sold out of the SYL set a few months ago. Waited for everyone to receive theirs and kept a few copies in case of emergency. Very few serious emergencies, so we reintroduced the saved copies. Die Hard and Splatter copies sold out within 30 seconds. White copies are gone except 1 left in USA store. We have about 5 Die Soft boxes left til pressing is sold out.

Our Black Friday sale will be a 25 USD (USA / Canada only) / 25 EUR (Rest of the World) discount on the Strapping Young Lad Die Soft (black vinyl) box.

That's all.

7AM Los Angeles
10AM New York
4PM Germany
5PM Finland
Midnight Tokyo
2AM Melbourne

We won't put these on sale again, and these will sell out soon.

Just a heads up to anyone who missed and was kicking themselves!

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