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#325801 by EphelDuath666
Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:44 pm
didn't take any myself but friends of mine took plenty, I'll try to get my hands on some of them. But it was awesome. Just got back home, it's 4:30 in the morning and my brain feels fried but what I can say is that the place was packed and the DTP folks seemed to really enjoy themselves and the audience was pretty darn great too.

I have to say that wasn't always the case in Germany, took my fellow Germans a long while to finally 'get' Devin. But seems like that has finally happened. It was really, really fun. And I bought two T-shirts too. One's a little tight but oh well...I guess I'll just have to lose some weight then :P

Anywhoo. I'm probably too tired to remember every song they played but here's what I can remember right now...

Ziltoid goes home
Planet of the Apes
March of the Poozers
Where we belong
Let it roll (acoustic)
Ih-Ah! (acoustic)

well, there you have it. I think I was able to remember all of them after all. Anyways, good times!
#326331 by fullyard
Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:48 am
:yingyang: Hi, im from Austria.

Just registered to be able to drop this message. I was so lucky to experience this awesome performance from Devin with my beloved Girlfriend (and shes not into hard music at all), but this somewhat "accoustic" and Solo thing with Devin touched her. I mean not as much as it touched me, cuz i couldnt hold back some tears full of happyness and inner peace.

Thank you so much for being there are letting us all participate the things you create and that youre so honest and true and generous with your fans. Devin answered all the question sheets and kinda talked his throat totally dry.

I will never forget this unique experience and now he's got even more that special place in my heart and soul where i will keep him until i do my last breath in this life.

If any one of the other guests has some good photographs or a link with them to share, ill be happy :) I was not able to put out my phone and take a single picture.... so stunning, Devin, so stunning!

Chapeau! :yingyang:

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