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Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:08 am
So I just got this message from Metal Archives:

We're currently re-evaluating some non-metal exceptions on the site and deleting those deemed more or less inconsequential/random. I'm sending you your review for one of those bands, in case you didn't save it:

I checked and the whole Casualties of Cool page has been deleted. Damn shame.
Because I put quite a bit of work and thought into the review I submitted back in 2014, I'm presenting it here for anyone interested in reading it, and so it doesn't get lost in my inbox. Enjoy.
Casualties of Cool
Casualties of Cool
And so it goes - 97%

Devin Townsend fans are spoiled for choice. In the last few years he has released a multitude of albums that all have unique styles and directions, however are still distinctly from the same mind. This year he has not only released the long-awaited Ziltoid sequel, he has also given us Casualties of Cool, which was originally meant to be part of the Devin Townsend Project series but morphed into its own entity and was itself highly anticipated.

It can be safely written that this release was worth the wait and the crowd-funding. Devin has poured his heart and soul into this project and delivered something wonderful. There is no metal to be heard but that won't really matter. The chemistry between Devin and Ché Dorval is faultless, with the music blending minimalist ambiance with rocking (acoustic) riffs that culminates into an experience that is simultaneously soothing and catchy, drawing you in from the start and keeping you fixated until the final note gently lets you go, sticking with you long after the album has finished.

One can be reminded of the quiet subtleties of Ki and Ghost for comparison, however this release has a darker and more hypnotic atmosphere than either of the former and stays consistent in the mood it evokes. Songs like Flight and The Bridge are among the most hauntingly beautiful tracks he has recorded, and Moon is noteworthy for its mesmerizing musicianship (including a rather sexy saxophone solo). Other highlights would include Deathscope and The Field, both of which feature hooks that are compelling and softly sinister.

Those fortunate enough to obtain or hear the bonus disc will find the rest of the Ghost 2 sessions that were previously not released, along with different versions and outtakes from the Casualties sessions. One of the latter tracks is Gone is Gone*, which was intended for the main disc but would have made the album too long; a pity because this song is a melancholic masterpiece. With that being said, whether you listen to the main album or the bonus disc (or both), you're still going to hear something unique and honest.

*Footnote - at the time I wrote this I was also thinking of Where You Been, and only later realized my error/omission. I didn't correct it because Gone is Gone does have its own sense of melancholy, albeit a catchy one. Both are masterpieces.

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